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Volleyball V900

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This FIVB-approved volleyball is certified for professional matches and designed for intense play by advanced volleyball players.

This FIVB-approved ball was designed by our engineers for volleyball training and matches. It features an iconic 12-panelled design that provides stability, durability and balance for better results.

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Sale price: LBP1,140,000.00

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A photo of the Volleyball V900 in use

Ball touch

A comfortable feel when hitting and passing the ball.


In lab tests, our ball withstands 10,000 shots at 50 km/h.


This volleyball meets the official FIVB regulations.


This ball weighs between 260 g and 280 g and complies with official standards.

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Volleyball V900
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Really great balls

It has been really great discovery as to top up our usual Mikasas volleyballs for training. Many players started to use these ball in favour of the old ones. They have nice feeling and soft to touch. These balls provide similar spin/float control, maybe touch closer how Gala balls behave. But overall, perfect for social games and training.

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Great ball

I've been looking for a no sting soft ball to practise ball control in the garden during C19 lockdown. This ball is perfect. It is slightly heavier than Wilson I have but it's really soft so feels light and it's great to play for a long time. It's softer than regular Mikasa I used in the past. I have not had a chance to play too much with it on different surfaces because of the lockdown but will definitely use it a lot in the future.

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Great Budget Volleyball

While not as good as some of the more superior volleyballs (Mikasa MVA200), it will do great on a budget.

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Good for practice

Going well so far with this product

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Hi Prasad, 

Thanks for your comment! 

Good day : )


Omni-Sport Leader - Basketball

Quite Good

Not good as mikasa but we can see the price difference. Good handling and little bit shaky while spike sharp line shot. But overall Its good in both court (indoor/outdoor)


Great volleyball

out of stock

when will this ball restock??

Good Quality at a Very Good Price

My daughter really likes the quality and build.

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Hi. Thank you for the feedback and hope that we can continue to satisfy your needs in the future.

Ansar Aiman

ALLSIX V900 (5 stars)

i am a former state player for Sabah team and currently doing volleyball coaching.. the ball really feels like leather-touch, very stabil, a bit light compare to Mikasa brand but still great for me. Superb ball from you guys! Welldone!

Affordable yet Good quality

The balls are great! It feels very close to that of a Mikasa mva 300 vball.

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Ball was GREAT!

The ball texture was different, it makes the ball less hard on the arms while in use, but it is easily damaged/punctured when bounced off of rough surfaces.

Official VB ball with nice feeling

FIVB approved and very cheap compared to branded balls. The outer layer is very smooth. I use this for everyday practice and matches.

Review : V900 balls

ผิวสัมผัสโอเค เล่นสนุก ให้น้ำหนักจะเบาไปนิดนึง


Vyzkoušen v domácím tréninku, hrát se zatím nesmí.

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volejbal.míč odpovídá ceně i kvalitě

míč je dobrý, jsme spokojeni

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Additional Product informations



  • 100% Polyurethane


  • 20% Rubber - Natural Rubber - Latex
  • 80% Rubber - Isobutylene Isoprene Rubber - Butyl

Allsix: a new volleyball brand is born.

Volleyball is getting revamped at Decathlon, with a new name that you can count on for all your attacks, passes and serves: ALLSIX. ALL for the volleyball team and SIX for the six players on the court. Be won over by our new volleyball brand!

Pleasant ball feel

For the best level of comfort during play, our ALLSIX team worked with volleyball players on the court. "To create a comfortable ball, we wanted to keep the outer cover as streamlined as possible. The result is a ball that hurts less than our competitors' models when digging opponents' attacks," says our engineer Fiona.

Both lightweight and durable to play like a pro

This ball ticks all the boxes for the International Volleyball Federation's ball standards. This applies to the weight (between 260 g and 280 g), number of panels, type of components and durability. This ball was tested in our labs with standards that exceed those of the FIVB: it withstood 10,000 shots against a steel plate at a speed of 50 km/h. Following the test, the ball retained both its shape and a good pressure level.

An iconic and unique design in the volleyball world

This ball was created by our passionate volleyball designers. It features an exclusive panelled cover design in synthetic material around a bladder unlike any other in the volleyball world. Where most balls use 18 panels, this ball has only 12 for better performance.

Enhanced visibility

To make playing volleyball more enjoyable, we designed a ball with a strong visual identity that can easily be seen on the court. "We wanted a ball that could be seen when spinning with a design that accentuated the movement," says Paulo, product designer and former professional volleyball player.

Smooth trajectory

We added a bladder inside the ball with a rubber disc opposite the valve as a counterweight. The aim? To create a more balanced, stable ball for training and matches.

Always inflate to the right pressure!

We can't say it enough: a properly inflated volleyball is better for your game! Take the time to inflate your ball according to our recommendations.

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