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1, 2, 3, pedal! This 14" kids' bike is designed to ease children aged 3 to 4.5 into the world of cycling. It's suitable for kids measuring from 90 to 105 cm.

This young kids' bike comes equipped with stabilisers, which can be removed without tools when your child is ready to cycle without them. It includes a chain guard and specialised brakes for kids.

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Sale price: LBP5,090,000.00

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Product Features

A photo of the KIDS 14" BIKE ROBOT 500 3-5 YEARS OLD in use

Ease of learning

Difficulty getting on the bike? The lower frame makes it easier to mount.

Brake control

"Stop easy" is an exclusive braking system adapted to small hands.

Ease of use

Ready to ride with stabilisers (tool-free removal).

Bike safety

The integrated chain guard protects the child from the parts of the drivetrain.

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Very well built cycle, although did need some slight alterations, from assembled model. All in all very good value for money.

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Heavy Bike and repairs needed.

This is a heavy bike for the kids of this age. The seats couldn't be adjusted to proper height , with the tools provided. The support side wheels also became dis-functional as one clip supporting the wheel fell off somewhere. Thinking of retuning it.

Too heavy

Sadly, like most child bikes this is far to heavy. The average 3-4 year old weighs 14-15kg. This is over half that- imagine you trying to learn on a bike half your weight. Really a decent pedal bike needs to weigh less then 4kg. Unfortunately that makes them expensive, since it needs an aluminium frame and equivalently lite child size components. Worth spending 3 times as much and then selling that one second hand.

Best first push bike

We have three children and bought this for our youngest, this has been hands down the best first bike we have bought. You definitely get the feeling this was designed as a small bike for small children and not just a big bike made small.

Great Little Bike

Perfect for starting out, smooth motion and great brakes. Light enough to start peddling but heavy enough to work out the leg muscles and keep stable

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Great bike

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Worth the money

My son loves the cycle.

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My son like that bike so do I

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Grandsons birthday bike

Excellent bike-He loves it

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Children’s 500 Bike

Excellent bike for small children. My little man loves it. Well built, and good components. Excellent value for money.

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Everything on this bike is good



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Благодарим Ви, че отделихте от времето си, за да ни оставите Вашата обратна връзка. Нашият екип следи всички канали, за да можем да подобряваме услугите си всеки ден. Ще предадем на нашите екипи всичко, което ни споделихте.

Спортни поздрави,

Екипът на Декатлон

доста е тежко, взехме го без фар и стоп

колелото е трудно за носене от взъзрастен. След като се прибрахме установихме, че фарчето и стопчето ги няма на колелото - не бяхме обърнали внимание, а служител ни даде това колело.

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Благодарим Ви, че отделихте време, за да споделите впечатленията си от този наш продукт.

Вашето мнение е важно за нас и ще предадем обратната връзка на нашият продуктов мениджър.

Нашите марки разработват дизайна и конструкцията, подбират материалите и тестват в лабораториите ни във Франция и в реални условия всички свои продукти, съобразно спорта, натовареността и честотата на използване, за които са предназначени. Това ни позволява да гарантираме качествата на продуктите, когато те се използват по начина, посочен в описанието им.

Гаранцията се предоставя за дефекти или скрити дефекти на продуктите, различни от изхабяване поради обичайна употреба, и не покрива нанесени на продукта щети, независимо от вида им. При предявяване на рекламация продуктът се разглежда внимателно от компетентните служители за съответствие с условията на гаранцията. Повече информация можете да намерите тук:

Ще Ви помолим да се свържете с нас с повече информация, за да можем да Ви съдействаме.

Спортни поздрави,

Екипът на Декатлон

Страхотно колело

Препоръчаха ми го доволни клиенти и не ни подведоха. Напротив. Малкия го кара с удоволствие и лекота.

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Благодарим Ви за отделеното време и оценката, която сте дали за нашия продукт.

Качественото обслужване, доволните клиенти и предоставянето на възможността всички да спортуват е наша главна цел.

Спортни поздрави,

Екипът на Декатлон


Страхотно е!

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Благодарим Ви за отделеното време и оценката, която сте дали за нашия продукт.

Качественото обслужване, доволните клиенти и предоставянето на възможността всички да спортуват е наша главна цел.

Спортни поздрави,

Декатлон България

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Additional Product informations



  • 100% Steel

Stop easy innovation: a patented braking system designed for children.

More accessible brakes and a more comfortable grip are the main benefits of our Stop Easy system. For more natural movement, the brake lever is pressed parallel to the handlebars. Whilst progressive, this innovative brake lever also provides 30% more braking power compared to a conventional brake lever. An innovation from our B'Twin team, loved by both parents and children.

What type of braking system is equipped?

We've chosen to use cantilever brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear to enable progressive braking.

Why this frame shape?

The frame of this bike, designed by our teams, is a V-shape: lowered at the centre, it has an easier step-through when the child mounts and dismounts from the bike.

Wheels / tyres

Tyres with an inner tube (inflatable) and knobs. We've chosen to use real tyres to help overcome obstacles (pavements, etc.) and for a good grip on everyday terrain (paths, grass, etc.).

Ready to leave the stabilisers behind?

Does your child want to ride like the big kids? It's easy, the stabilisers can be removed without tools, the nuts simply need to be unscrewed by hand. And if it's still a little early to take them off: screw them back on.

What about comfort?

We've carefully considered children's morphology: the width of the handlebars and the diameter of the grips are sized for their small hands. The foam saddle provides a comfortable seat.

The bike that grows with your child!

The saddle is height-adjustable (using a size 6 Allen key) so it can grow with your child. The saddle height can be adjusted from 43.5 to 50.5cm.Our bikes meet the Children's Bike standard (ISO 8098), which is why we cannot offer a tool-free (quick-release) saddle height adjustment system.

What is a guard for?

To prevent children from putting fingers where they shouldn't, the mechanical drive train parts (crank, chain, freewheel, etc.) are fully encased in the chainguard. It also prevents the risk of laces getting caught and clothes being dirtied.The decorations are set into the plastic of the guard for greater durability.

What accessories are supplied with the bike?

A bell, front and rear lights, wheel reflectors (fixed onto the spokes) and small stabiliser wheels are supplied with the bike.

Assembled product dimensions

Length: 98 cmWidth: 42cm Height: 62cm

Photos non binding

In order to ensure that the stabilisers are securely fastened, the plastic tightening knob has been replaced by a nut.

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