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Boot Car Bike Rack Btwin 300 2/3 Bikes

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For transporting 2 or 3 bikes on your car's tailgate, depending on the car model (see instructions)

Easy to use. Make sure it is compatible with your car and your bikes!

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Sale price: LBP2,855,000.00

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Product Features

A photo of the Boot Car Bike Rack Btwin 300 2/3 Bikes in use

Easy assembly / dismantling

Adjustable straps to fit the car. Quick to fold and put away.

Impact protection

Rubber pieces to protect the parts that touch the car

Bike safety

1 red strap for securing bikes together

Compact design

Folded:Width: 51 cm / 20 inches.Height: 75 cm / 29.5 inches.

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Boot Car Bike Rack Btwin 300 2/3 Bikes
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Boot Car Bike Rack Btwin 300 2/3 Bikes DECATHLON

Easy assemble, works on most vehicles, I’d say it holds two road bikes, it looks a push at 3 bicycles in all honesty. Put perfect for transporting both my bikes

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Poor quality and design

I been using it for 2 years. It has scratched the bike a little. and the red strap degrades very fast. Losing colour, and after 2 years the strap finnaly broke.


It took about 30mins to work out for the first use but after then it’s quick to put up and holds bikes securely. The one thing I realised you need to watch is whether the pedals might move and end up scratching the body work. I use tape to stop parts of the bike moving relative to the frame.

DO NOT BUY - is not safe

Would not recommend this, do not feel safe using it, amazed it passed quality control! Literally everything that could be wrong was. Do not trust this when it could cause serious harm if it failed. Everything about it was put together the wrong way, the bike arm was upside down with padded bar pointing up not down, obviously altering the centre of gravity and contact point on the car. Fixed this by unscrewing and putting back on but this means the sighting connector, for setting correct angle of arm, is on the opposite side to the numbered wheel. The pre-threaded cable clips for the top of the boot had been threaded wrong and so were kinked and would not lie flat on the top of the boot. Fixed it by un-threading and re-threading which was a faff but fine. Then noticed that the clips on the bottom had been bolted on the wrong way and so were on the inside of the upright tube,against the car, and not the outside. Final straw for me. Fixable with a wrench and the allan key provided but at this point if they can literally put it all together wrong i'm concerned about the security of the stitching on the cabled and the strength of the cam buckles.


Very bad damage my break wire not stable bike move the break wire damage maybe cost me to repair.

Broken plastic bike clamps

Great rack fits on our 2 cars no problems and holds 2 bikes easy. Only problem after 2 years I have broken 2 of the actual plastic brackets where the bike sits and is strapped in, Both broken where I have tighten the Allen key and the plastic has broken. Where can I buy and what is the spare part number


I bought this rack only last week due to buying a new bike which was £2000!! The rack has scratched it to pieces! Also has damaged my car! Do not buy! rubbish... going to see what can be done about my bike

Do not buy

I was advised to buy this to fit my 66 plate Tiguan. That it would fit my car and mine and my child’s bikes. Not only does it not fit either of them well at all it has broken my boot on my car! It’s bent the top of the boot where it levers from the car hinge! Unhappy is an understatement it is going to cost me hundreds to fix possibly a new boot!

Looks good.Struggles to hold newer rockrider bikes

Really interested to know how to fit your rockrider st100 bikes onto this rack with the sloped frame please. I find it strange that a decathlon bike rack struggles to fit decathlon bikes onto it tbh. No video's or advice anywhere online either. Please help with providing something perhaps.

Not compatible with Dacia Duster

The idea is good; to have one product to fit multiple car types but it would help to be able to view the fitting instructions prior to purchase. To fit to the Duster requires the two 'horizontally projecting straps' to somehow anchor onto the sides where the rear parcel shelf sits. There is no suitable point for the anchors to grip. You have to place both in position, pull each under tension (so you are now standing with arms stretched apart) and then somehow close the boot without letting the straps slip off the parcel shelf! Short of closing the boot with my teeth its not really possible. Even if you manage this the angle of the anchors don't provide security that they won't simply slip off. The other problem is that despite the product spec saying that it is raised up so license plate is not obscured the first part of the instructions lists which cars this isn't true for. For my car it says 'Necessity to coat the (license) plate and lightsb' Thats not a typo. Next to it is a photo of a number plate and light cluster to plug into a towing arm. If I had a towing arm I wouldn't be buying a boot mounted bike carrier! So be warned before buying. Also I am being charged £6.99 for return postage as I can only return it in person to a Decathlon store. The nearest is over 2hrs away!!

Excellent carrier

Fiddly at first to setup, but once you have fitted it a couple of times, it's a peice of cake.

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase
Very impressed

555QWI9I Ford Focus MK2 2010 I was VERY skeptical with this product but turned out to a good experience. Anybody says it's damage the paint work either do something wrong or possibly has a different car.But I honestly can't see how would it damage any paint work if it's (and the bikes) installed correctly... For this price (£50) you cannot expect something exceptional but this product definitely does the job.After 10 days in Snowdania/Wales with 2x 19KG hybrid bikes I can say 100% this is a good product.I give it 4 stars because there is no way to put our (a Women Carrera and a Men Viking hybrid bike) in reversed order as the manual says. If you have road bikes or took some parts off the bikes it would work,though. Installing was easy once I figured it out how to interpret the manual.But for those 2 blue straps are not so easy to find a fix point inside a Focus. Make sure the bikes are align with the rack as the manual says and not just hanging from there. And DO NOT leave the installation to the departure day. Make at least one good half an hour trial on quiet road with full load if you can.I'm pretty sure there are better options but those are probably cost a lot more.

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So annoyed

I was advised to buy this product by a member of staff, saying it would be fine for the two bikes I was buying (1x adult & 1x child) and for my car (Qashqai). Not only does it not actually fit my car, it doesn’t even fit my child’s bike on either (or mine very easily) as the frames don’t fit it properly. Spent over an hour trying to fit them on!!

I'm sorry to read that you were given the incorrect information from the store. It depends which model you have. I've had a look at the compatibility chart and it seems that the 320 model is more suitable. Although I don't know the model year of your Qashquai.
Regarding the frame compatibility, you can rotate the blue clamps by 90 degrees to get an optimal fit especially on the seat tube part of the frame rather than using the top tube. For certain bikes, a cross bar adapater is required.
Please return the rack to your local store for a refund or an exchange if required.
Peter, Cycling Manager, DECATHLON
It will damaged your paint work

It is good solid easy to put one (take about 20min). My bike is voodoo minestor it struggle to fit it between the bars. With little bit wigglyng it fit but touch up the car . It is not working for heavy bikes. My is about 15kg.

Thank you for your comments regarding this rack. With modern MTB's with bars in excess of 720mm width, it is commonly advised that you turn them 90 degrees (using an allen key) so that they are parallel with your bike, this avoids any contact between the car and the bike. Particularly important with boot mounted racks. As a secondary note, the blue clamps on the rack can be adjusted and rotated to get the best fit for your bike. For example you can clamp it on your seat tube and the other under the downtube. Many possibilities.
If after all of the above you are not satisfied with your rack, please feel free to return it to us for an exchange with your receipt.
Peter Lazarus, National Cycling Manager, DECATHLON
Time wasted!

I spent the best part of 2 hours fitting this to my car. Imagine my disappointment and frustration when I found that the Btwin Rockmaster 500 won't fit over the bars!! Surely it would be an idea to sell products that are compatible with your other products. I shall be returning this for a refund.

I'm sorry to read that the rack does not fit your bike. This has not been fed back to us before for this model. You can resolve this by loosening and adjusting the clamps which secure the bike to the rack. You can then fit one clamp under the down or top tube by the headset and then the other can be angled at 90 degrees and clamp onto the seat tube (not seat post). This works fine and holds the bike securely in place. Same technique for small frame bikes or kids bikes for example.
Give this a go before returning it. If no joy, then of course bring it back.
Peter Lazarus, National Cycling Manager, DECATHLON
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Additional Product informations



  • 100% Steel


  • 100% Polyamide 6.6


  • 100% Polyamide


  • 100% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

Main fabric - Top

  • 100% Thermoplastic Polyurethane


  • 100% Polypropylene

Maximum number of bikes

2 to 3 bikes depending on the type of vehicle. See our user guide for more information about car models.

Maximum load capacity

45 kg in total for the 3 bikes, but please note, 15kg maximum per bike!Bikes over 15 kg cannot be installed on this bike rack

Maximum weight per bike

15 kg maximum per bike


Installed:Length: 75 cm / 29.5 inchesWidth: 51 cm / 20 inchesDepth: 58 cm / 22.8 inchesFolded:Length: 75 cm / 29.5 inchesWidth: 51 cm / 20 inches

Bike rack weight

5 kg

Bike compatibility

Use the frame adapter for bikes with a non-standard frame (women's, BMX, and downhill bikes).

Bike attachment

Two frame holders with a rubber strap for each bike + safety strap

Rear lights and number plate still visible with the bikes attached

Depends on the type of car. See our user guide for more information about car models.

Bikes lock on to the bike rack


Bike rack locks to the car


Boot access


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